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AP courses are held on certain days and hours.
Tutors: We have a team of instructors who have mastered the AP exam syllabus to address each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Schedule: AP Tutoring is an efficient and effective way for students to learn fast. With a dedicated AP teacher, students can work at a pace that suits their needs.

 AP Courses and AP Tutoring
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August 14th 2023: Latest Recommended AP Tutoring Start Date

Since the AP exams are given only once a year, a year will be lost in case of an unsatisfactory score. That’s why it’s important to make sure the student is fully prepared before the exam. Experienced TestPrep instructors recommend starting AP preparations for AP exams as early as possible. Contact us now to get on the right track with the right timing.

AP Tutoring

The TestPrep AP Prep Program focuses on the specific needs of each student. With special AP study materials and an assignment system after each class, our programs provide a stable and effective long-term study for the candidate.

Experienced Tutors

The TestPrep team takes advantage of the experience gathered from global instructors and international students. This technical knowledge makes it possible to learn AP exam tips based on the candidate’s personal success potential.

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We offer the best AP course experience to students in 6-student online AP classes created according to students’ levels. At the beginning of AP courses, we create a fixed curriculum for our students. As part of this program, we make regular course supplements until the exam, and we open our material archive and practice exams to our students’ online access. Thanks to our online practice tests with the same duration as the exam, we see the mistakes of the students as soon as possible and take precautions.

6-student Online Classes

Programmatically progressing Online AP Course is aimed at enabling students to focus on the lessons in the most efficient way. It is led by TestPrep’s experienced teachers to ensure you have the best learning experience and maximum lecture efficiency in classrooms of up to 6 students.

Online Study Materials

Have you ever thought about the advantage of solving a similar problem that you will encounter in the exam before? TestPrep’s online AP prep database is built for a stress-free test day. Our AP archive, created by our experienced AP teachers, is prepared for you to easily get a 5 on the exam.

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Why Are Test Prep AP Courses Different?

Expert Tutors

With our team of professionals, we guarantee the best AP classes and AP courses for our students.

AP Specific Documents

We offer you the opportunity to prepare for the exam in the best way with study materials that are close to the AP exam questions.

Powerful Learning Tools

TestPrep provides the best environment for learning through instructors with many special features such as pedagogical formation.
Open to all students

2023 – 2024 AP Courses

Since AP is not given at school, I prepared by attending this courses of TestPrep. Starting an AP course in 10th grade didn’t make much sense, but now I realize it was the best decision. The only course for AP where you can get support from all subjects, with kind and knowledgeable instructors. I took AP private lessons and in 2 years and I am now studying economics at LSE. If I’ve come this far, it’s because of you.

Test Prep AP student – Hailey S.

TestPrep’s Newly Developed Online AP Tutoring Infrastructure

TestPrep has made great efforts to create an online environment that will make students feel flexible and productive throughout the entire exam preparation period.

Write, Draw & Share

With our high-tech online education tools, teachers and students have the ability to share real-time audio, video, images, presentations and text. Moreover, it is also possible to draw graphs and write chemical and mathematical equations in a user-friendly environment.

TestPrep’s AP Archive

AP prep classes are based on an archive of AP exams, AP questions, and AP assignments. At TestPrep, we closely monitor students’ performance and provide the best education. With our online assignments, our teachers know when the student started and finished the test and the time spent on each question. This is a powerful tool for maximizing scores during the actual AP exam.

About Test Prep AP Courses & AP Tutoring

Since we’ve been in the AP field for more than 10 years, we can help you get better.

The main purpose of the AP Course program is to provide students with the opportunity to take university courses and be exempt from these courses while they are still in high school. Being aware of this, we prepare the most appropriate and necessary programs according to the students’ schedule. We are assertive in reaching the desired goal with the AP Tutoring and AP Courses options we provide to our students during this challenging process, and the qualified and high-quality private lessons given by our expert staff.

We provide all the help you will need during the AP exam marathon. With the AP tutoring programs we offer, the lessons needed by the students are given in the most efficient way by our expert teachers. The guidance and consultancy services we provide, especially in exam strategies and time management, increase our success rate. In addition, the tests that are applied regularly allow us to constantly monitor the success of our students. Systematic and disciplined Private Lessons make success inevitable.

All our AP courses are given with the quality of Test Prep London & Test Prep Istanbul & TestPrep USA.